Blissness Regen Retreat

Apr 16
Apr 21
April 2023
Yvoir, Belgium
Les 4 Sources
Yvoir, Belgium

Create a regenerative professional path from the heart. A week to work, learn and connect.

about the event

More than a retreat

In this week we work, learn and connect with others who are creating a professional path or project from the heart, work that is aligned with a deep purpose. The goal is fourfold:

  • Getting things done: we focus on your project, nurture progress and help you take necessary steps
  • Group connection: we weave a web of support between people on this professional path
  • Learning and deep work: we create space for self-discovery and reflective work
  • Self-care: we regenerate and refuel our batteries with good company, good food and a beautiful environment

More info:

For whom?

This retreat is for all independent workers, whether they are just dreaming of starting a business/project, or have already many years of experience. Freelancers, founders and co-founders, DAO-workers, community contributors, full-time or part-time self-employed.

Small group

The small group size of maximum 15 participants will assure the possibility to enjoy quality time with a good amount of new friends as well as to receive individual support. Our aim is to create a heartfelt, safe experience of connection among the group where everyone is carried by the energy created together.


Retreat: 750€

Accommodation: 250€ (5 nights in a shared room with bathroom)

Food: 150€ (breakfast, lunch, dinner x 5) (VAT 6-21% is added to all prices)

999€ early bird ticket until 17 March, all included (+VAT).

Discounts are available for those with low income.


Sunday afternoon 16/04 - Friday 21/04/2023


Hanna Kuikka (founder of Nowlicious and Blissness Agency) loves to co-create with people for our souls to come fully alive in the concrete world. She is an experienced business coach and author of the book Big Blissnes- handbook for creating a soul-rocking, heart-driven, blissful business.

Leen Schelfhout (founder of Regens Unite DAO, All for Climate and Open Facilitation) is passionate about creating safe and brave spaces that unlock the potential of every individual through community and connection.

Xavier Damman (founder of Storify, Open Collective, All for Climate and Regens Unite) is a passionate entrepreneur with an incredible 6th sense for projects that are aligned with who people are and what the world is ready for. He comes with a sharp mind, a lot of knowledge on innovative business models and out of the box ideas.

Program Schedule

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about the venue

The retreat takes place at Les 4 Sources, in Yvoir between Namur and Dinant, 20 minutes by bike from the station of Yvoir. The old farmhouse that welcomes us has been renovated with ecological materials and each room has a shower room.

Les 4 Sources is also a place where 6 families make the place live and animate a whole series of activities throughout the seasons. There are also 26 donkeys, 2 horses, a lama, an alpaca, a mulberry, 17 hens and a rooster!

Among the inhabitants are artisans, business managers and creative minds who explore the functioning of shared living spaces and governance.

The estate is surrounded by a huge forest, perfect for walks and hikes. The south-facing terrace is also a wonderful spot to rest with a book, a tea or your laptop.

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Leen Schelfhout
Co-founder @AllforClimate and @Regens Unite, facilitator @Open Facilitation DAO
Facilitator, rebel, firestarter, chameleon, mom, usually full of energy, love for life. Very worried about society and our planet.
Hanna Kuikka
Blissness coach
Author, Creative, Life & Blissness Creation Coach
Xavier Damman
Entrepreneur, Citizen Wallet
Entrepreneur, Dad, Citizen. System Change, not Climate Change.

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