Regens Unite Amsterdam: The First Turn

Sep 22
Sep 24
September 2022
Amsterdam, Netherlands
De Sering
Amsterdam, Netherlands

The Turn: Small groups, small acts of regeneration

about the event

Regens Unite is a really good time, but here in Amsterdam we're prototyping something a little different. Less get together and talk about regeneration and more hands on doing of the regeneration. LFG

Imagining the Future Present, that this is the time of the Regenaissance, a historic moment that marks the transition from degeneration to regeneration. A crucial part of the vision of this new era are the festivals of regenerative play known as the Turn. Each Turn has four phases: Seek, Code, Build, Tend
The Seek, where we look for opportunities and spaces in need of care and attention.
After the Seek, comes the Code, where we dig into these opportunities and plan what we'll need in order to Regenerate.
After the Code comes the Build, where we go out and do the damned things!
After the build comes the Tend, were we celebrate our successful action and look forward to creating more good in the world.

We dropped in 20 deep and helped plant a garden by the community kitchen de Sering and identified some opportunities we'd love to come deliver in another future present.

Program Schedule

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about the venue

De Sering is a people's kitchen, public space, and whatever you want to make of it.

They are working to create a community space for Amsterdam, one of the loneliest cities in the world. We’re going to bring new people, attention and energy to their scene

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Jeremy Akers
Facilitator @ GravityDAO, Regens Unite, Wise Crowds LSDAO
Obsessed with including and unleashing everyone with the surprising power of Liberating Structures
Laurence CC
Design Lead @
Laurence is a metamodern game designer and regen theorist.

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Regens Unite is for everyone inspired and aligned to regenerate. After it's inception on May 2022 in Brussels, it turned into a community and DAO which now runs as a commons. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date on what this community is building.
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Regens Unite is for everyone inspired and aligned to regeneration. From the start, Regens Unite is both a community and a commons, formalised as a DAO. Every participant, whether organiser or attendee, is a member of this Commons. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date on what this community is building.
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