Regens Unite @ ReFi Week at TDF

Oct 27
Nov 3
October 2023
Abela, Portugal

This transformative gathering will bring together leading ReFi minds for a week of collaboration, learning, and regeneration activities.

about the event



From the 27th of October to the 3rd of November, the picturesque town of Abela, Portugal, will be home to a transformative confluence.

In partnership with ReFi Lisboa, Silvi Protocol, Regens Unite, and the Crypto Commons Association, the Traditional Dream Factory (TDF) and ReFi DAO are inviting you to come together with us for a week-long co-living event focused on regeneration, co-working, co-creation, community-building, and celebration.


ReFi is currently at a pivotal juncture. To propel forward, we must nurture our cultural and social capital and build the future together. Alongside an array of professionally facilitated workshops and activities, this week offers a unique opportunity: to co-create the future of ReFi DAO together.

We will converge top ReFi leaders to forge connections, engage our imagination, and lay the building blocks for a thriving global regenerative society. As we brainstorm about token design, decentralization, governance processes, and much more, we will be anchored by a key inquiry: How can the ReFi movement evolve from discourse to tangible action? How can we reach beyond our bubbles and unlock monumental impact across the globe?

Moreover, this gathering coincides with an opportune moment for nurturing the earth. Engage in mass planting activities, acquaint yourself with the land, and explore some of the latest innovations for how ReFi technologies can elevate such endeavours…

Three Pillars

  • COMMUNITY - Convening the torchbearers of the regenerative movement.
  • KNOWLEDGE - Crafting a global knowledge matrix to channel talent and resources for optimal impact.
  • ACTION - Demonstrating the might of unity and purpose-driven action.

Location and Activities

The event unfolds in Tradtional Dream Factory (TDF), located in Abela, Alentejo. Here, we will experience the allure of the world's pioneering regenerative village—completely on-chain.

The week kicks off with a monumental weekend tree-planting initiative followed by an exuberant Earth Party, replete with cacao, music, and ceremonies.

Following this, the Co-Working Week will integrate daily harvests, opening activity circles, focused power hours, communal cooking, and open space technology sessions in the afternoons to foster a harmonious blend of activity, productivity, community, and reflection.

Agenda Outline

❗️Please note: this is a draft proposed agenda and is subject to change. The final agenda will be co-created with participants to ensure a dynamic and engaging experience for all.

Oct 27th - 29th: Planting & Celebrating 🌱 🎊

Festivities will begin with a grand tree-planting event over the weekend alongside a vibrant Earth Party filled with cacao, melodies, and rituals.

Oct 30th - Nov 2nd: CoWorking Week 📝 🤝

Immerse yourself in a balanced week of harvest activities, coworking sessions, shared mealtimes, and open-space workshops and discussions. Participate as you wish in a mix of work, leisure, community co-creation, and introspection.

Nov 2nd: Closing Ceremony & Pizza Party 🎉 🍕

We’ll conclude with a reflective closing ceremony and a casual Pizza Party, celebrating our shared experiences and looking forward to future ReFi possibilities.

Regeneration for All 🙏🏼 💚

So come and embark on this transformative expedition with us. Transition from urban anonymity to forming profound bonds—with yourself, the global regenerative fraternity, and the tools poised to tackle climate change. We eagerly await your presence! First 10 tickets get early bird price!

Program Schedule

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about the venue

You will be welcomed to the Traditional Dream Factory (TDF) in Abela, Portugal— an emergent 'ReFi Village' known for its inspirational spirit and commitment to regenerating the Earth. At TDF, we will explore and partake in the world’s pioneering experiment of an entirely on-chain regenerative village!

TDF is part of the OASA network - transforming ownership into stewardship. The TDF project is bound by the Regenerative Land Stewardship Principles set forth by OASA. By accessing TDF lands, our members and visitors must abide by our regenerative ethos. OASA is on a bold mission to conserve 100.000 ha of land globally - and TDF is its first prototype in utilising real estate as a vehicle for ecological restoration.

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Regens Unite is for everyone inspired and aligned to regenerate. After it's inception on May 2022 in Brussels, it turned into a community and DAO which now runs as a commons. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date on what this community is building.
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Regens Unite is for everyone inspired and aligned to regeneration. From the start, Regens Unite is both a community and a commons, formalised as a DAO. Every participant, whether organiser or attendee, is a member of this Commons. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date on what this community is building.
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