Playdrive: Open Source Play

Jun 4
Jun 11
June 2023
Austria, Hirschwang an der Rax
Commons Hub
Austria, Hirschwang an der Rax

Playing Together the Open Source Interface for the Global Brain

about the event

Playdrive brings together ludic theorists, game designers, cosmos coders, holographers and metaversians to explore how to open source the soul of play.

Over the course of a week we will explore the biological, psychological and sociological roots of play to better design toys, games and metagames that will help the world unleash the power of its playdrive.

We’ll be playing a game of designing the global brain as a game console, exploring the inner and outerfaces of our avatars, the cards, prompts and cartridges required to unleash planetary play, and the operating system updates we need as self and society.

Our aim is to synergize deep thinkers with craftful hackers to vibehack the global brain into existence. We're especially interested in applications from Holochain and Cosmos devs, global brain theorists, game designers and living system architects.

Here's some obligatory ChatGPT riffing:

The global brain can be thought of as the collective intelligence of all humans and our technological creations, and the playdrive can serve as a means of engaging with and contributing to this collective intelligence.

The playdrive is an interface that allows individuals to engage with the global brain through play and recreational activities. It is designed to be intuitive, accessible, and customizable, allowing users to create their own unique experiences and contribute to the global brain in a variety of ways. The interface could take many forms, including digital games, physical installations, or a combination of the two.

One example of a playdrive interface could be a digital game that allows players to solve puzzles or complete challenges that contribute to the global brain's collective knowledge. As players progress through the game, they would be contributing to the development of new technologies, ideas, and solutions to global problems. The game could be designed to encourage collaboration and teamwork, fostering social connections and a sense of community among players.

Another example of a playdrive interface could be a physical installation that uses sensors and other technologies to capture data on human behavior and interactions. The installation could be designed to be playful and interactive, inviting individuals to engage with the technology and contribute to the global brain's collective knowledge. The data captured by the installation could be used to inform research in a variety of fields, from psychology to urban planning.

Overall, the playdrive offers a new and exciting way for individuals to engage with the global brain and contribute to the collective intelligence of humanity. By leveraging the power of play and recreational activities, we can create interfaces that are engaging, accessible, and meaningful, fostering creativity, innovation, and social connection.

Program Schedule

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about the venue

In the mountains of Austria, where earth meets sky, next to flowing waters, rests the Commons Hub.

The Commons Hub is located in Hirschwang an der Rax, 1h30 by train from Vienna Central.

For 500€ you'll have room and board - a bed in the hub and food cooked daily by our cooks. Camping is also available in the backyard with daily meals for 200€.

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Jeremy Akers
Facilitator @ GravityDAO, Regens Unite, Wise Crowds LSDAO
Obsessed with including and unleashing everyone with the surprising power of Liberating Structures
Laurence CC
Design Lead @
Laurence is a metamodern game designer and regen theorist.

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