Regens Unite Brussels

May 26
May 27
May 2023
Brussels, Belgium
Citizen Corner
Brussels, Belgium

A gathering for co-ops, DAOs, climate activists, artists, and citizens to meet, establish new relationships, and unite. 🔅

about the event

You are invited!

... to the second edition of Regens Unite Brussels, where it all started in May 2022.

It's not conference. It's a gathering. A safe and brave space where we can meet each other and unite despite our different perspectives.

Some of us come from tech startups, web3, AI, some of us come from activism, local cooperatives, the world of healing, arts, permaculture, ecovillages, ... What unites us? We all want a new regenerative future, for people, communities and the environment.

It's the opportunity to get out of our respective bubbles, discover new solutions, build new friendships and find out how we can support each other in this journey.

If you are working on or interested in regenerative solutions, either for yourself, your community or your environment, then this is the event to meet and connect with others.

Our hope is that by attending a Regens Unite event, you will build new relationships, learn something new (sometimes outside of your comfort zone), discover new communities, and leave rejuvenated and inspired to build this regenerative future together.

Ticket prices

Tickets include breakfast and lunch (vegan and vegetarian options).  

Early bird (till April 15):  €80 for the two days (€50 for a day)

Late bird (after April 15): €100 for the two days (€70 for a day)

While you are very welcome to come just for one day, we very much encourage you to come for the full experience.

This event is not sponsored nor subsidised. That's why we ask you for a ticket to cover the food and the venue. The profit (if any) will be redistributed to all participants that have contributed to make this event possible (it will be a way for us to start experimenting with a gratitude economy)

Discounted tickets are available for volunteers and workshop facilitators. In the spirit of making this gathering as inclusive as possible, it's possible to request financial support. Just send an email to and tell us why you want to join this gathering.

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Program Schedule

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about the venue

The Citizen Corner is a community building for neighbours and locals to meet, share, learn and co-create.

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Leen Schelfhout
Co-founder @AllforClimate and @Regens Unite, facilitator @Open Facilitation DAO
Facilitator, rebel, firestarter, chameleon, mom, usually full of energy, love for life. Very worried about society and our planet.
Xavier Damman
Entrepreneur, Citizen Wallet
Entrepreneur, Dad, Citizen. System Change, not Climate Change.
Jeremy Akers
Facilitator @ GravityDAO, Regens Unite, Wise Crowds LSDAO
Obsessed with including and unleashing everyone with the surprising power of Liberating Structures
Dana Hawwash
Yoga Teacher
Citizen of the world, a yoga and meditation teacher, and a believer in the power of healing through breathing, movement and vulnerable communication.
Hanna Kuikka
Blissness coach
Author, Creative, Life & Blissness Creation Coach
Sara Nuytemans
Artist and therapist
Fascinated by methodologies that lead us to a healthier society; physical, mental, spiritual and socially. Experienced guide for safe psychedelic experiences and breathwork sessions and trained hypnotherapist.
Leen S
Sexuality and relationship coach
By activating our sexual energy we have the life force energy, the fuel we need to create positive change and lead meaningful lives.
Timothée Brès
Organisational Alchemist
Founder of the The Blindspot Project. Developing healthy & high performance cultures with decentralised & impact organisations for the last 10 years. Participating and hosting men circle since 2017. Record collector.
Jonas Boury
Builder | Passionate about sustainability and innovative products | kitesurfer | Climber |
Energy engineer but passionate about and completely focussing on fundamental challenges in our financial and monetary system.
Christina Wunder
Sustainability and climate communication
Sustainability and climate communication expert with a passion for tech, data & AI. Passionate podcast host.
Susie Naval
Coordinator of the local citizen currency With a background in European and International cooperation and a specialization in environmental issues, I am willing to get involved in the field of sustainable development and territories empowerment, with a special interest for urban planning and circular economy.
Antoine Sepulchre
Noös Community, Founder
Antoine is passionately curious about how anthropology, quantum physics neuroscience, mythology and religions are allowing us to better understand the challenges that humanity is facing today. He believe that the pollution of our planet is only a reflection of our inner psychic pollution and that taking care of ourselves shou be a top priority.
An van Damme
passionate about conscious collaboration, participatory leadership and self-organising networks
An Van Damme loves to bring the collective intelligence to life, in her role of facilitator. Her core belief: paying attention to how we relate and collaborate can change the world.
Alexandra Papadopoulou
Web3 Alchemist
A data analyst interested in the fascinating world of Web3 & blockchain.
Cecilia Iaconelli
applied anthropologist and artist
Cecilia Iaconelli is an applied anthropologist. Her work focuses on urban space and symbolic transformation. She specializes in social and participatory projects that involve art, design, social innovation, and education.
Cosima von Seefried
7 Billion Presidents
Cosima von Seefried is part of the community building team at 7 Billion Presidents. She is in her last semester of her bachelor study in Project Management for Change.
Danny Balla
Social Movements Facilitator / Director at Coexist (Bristol, UK)
Danny is an artist-activist, a facilitator and trainer. He is working to form a new coalition of organisations and individuals called The Bristol Commons to regenerate community wealth and health. He is a founder member of the CoResist Collective and Rising Up (the organisation that launched Extinction Rebellion). He loves tea, trees and stories.
Frederik Van Daele
Research biologist at KU Leuven
Passionate about ecological restoration and landscape planning, I develop long-term visions for resilient socio-ecological transitions with evidence-based solutions and participatory governance.
Guil Maueler
Design + Social Impact + Community Building
Creative director, generalist, pragmatist. Design geek for social impact + thriving communities
Kevin Sunder Raj
Digital Architect | Co-Founder at TECHI Solutions
A third culture kid who grew up in both Belgium and Sri Lanka. I am a self-taught programmer who went from building their own products, to working with others to build theirs. My main focus has been around native, web apps and the systems that support them. I enjoy a good challenge and keeping myself up to date with all things tech.
Lee Fitzpatrick
Co-founder of Zebra Growth
Lee is the co-founder and Managing Director of Zebra Growth, a creative marketing agency that supports ethical entrepreneurs to scale their impact in line with nature based systems.
Itzel Lusenti
Sports ... Why so serious ?!
I am a motivational psychologist, and I always think about what will make it enjoyable for people to do things that are not really fun. That's how i came up with this idea ;)
Jean-Philippe Steeger
Founder and regenerative ecosystem steward
Jean-Philippe has a background in political sciences and lobbying. He has worked on developing Sustainable Leadership at EU level before embarking on a transformative regenerators journey. He has founded Perspectivist to give life to weaving new stories of potential for communities, organisations and places.
Jana Mehl
Agile coach and change leader
I trained to become a conference interpreter in my first life (DE, EN, FR) Transitioned into logistics and project management in 2014 Transitioned again into IT consulting in 2018 Today, I work in IT transformation and am a Release Train Engineer
Nupur Jalan
International tax / Transfer pricing / Web3 / Legal / Finance / Digital & data economy / ESG
Marcus Druen
Co-founder of INNER1ST - inner growth for web3
I am an internationally operating executive coach, facilitator and change leadership expert working with orgs like Desolenator, ecoLocked and Future Energy Ventures under the label audacify. I am co-founder of INNER1ST - inner growth for web3 and the founder of the Psychedelic Map For Change - a holistic an pragmatic framework for systemic change.
Lorena B.
Building awareness around Web3!
Lorena is a woman passionate about culture, innovation and ethics. As an explorer by nature, she discovered the blockchain technology, its uses and other emerging technologies such as AI, VR and AR. Combining her passion for the international world and this ecosystem, she founded Furt'Her to inspire and raise women's awareness.
Tom De Block
empowered by People and Technology
Father of 3 kids, trying to make their world a better place. Converging ideology an natural science with emmerging technologies and inventive business models to serve the higher cause. We cannot beat them, so let's use them.
Sinouhe Ferreira Monteiro Nunes
Digital transformation - Growth - Entrepreneurship
Experienced professional in the computer software industry with a background in entrepreneurship, sales engineering, and software development. Passionate about driving innovation, bridging the gap between customers and software solutions, and delivering results.
Pierre Leonard
Facilitateur en économie circulaire
Depuis 2015, Pierre • Aide les organisations dans leur transition vers l'économie circulaire • Accompagne les entreprises dans l’amélioration de leurs performances ESG • Sensibilise à la crise environnementale et aux alternatives plus respectueuses de notre planète et de ses ressources.
Yamandou Alexander
The African Fund Board of Advisors
As a seasoned executive, I've built companies like ASG, T+, GoGreenRide, Makeba Inc, and E+, addressing key societal challenges. I co-founded Malaika, an education-focused NGO in Congo. A proud father and a graduate of the Goldman Sachs program, my interests lie in Pan-African geopolitics, sustainable tech solutions, and travel.
Bruno Roemers
Likes to build resilient communities
I divide my time between talking to computers (coding) and people (facilitating). Contributor at Regens Unite, Impactopia, The Blindspot Project, DAO Brussels, ETH Brussels and the Liberating Structures Learning Journey.
William Mejia
UX | Project Management | Communication
Brilliant event organiser with an incredible practical mind. Contributor to Regens Unite.
Sven Retoré
Sven is a visual facilitator and trainer with a background in youth work and policy. After many years working with youth participation he got in engaged in several citizens movements. In 2015, he joined Visuality. He has an interest in developing (inter)active and participatory methodologies and has gained experience in guiding learning processes.

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