Regens Unite Brussels

May 2023
Brussels, Belgium
May 26
May 27
Citizen Corner
Brussels, Belgium

A gathering for coops, DAOs, climate activists, artists, citizens to meet, create new relationships and unite 🔅

about the event

You are invited!

If you read this, it's because a member of the Regens Unite community identified you as someone working on regenerative solutions, either for yourself, your community or your environment.

We are putting together this gathering to create a safe and brave space where we can meet each other and unite despite our different perspectives. It's the opportunity to get out of our respective bubbles, discover new solutions, build new friendships and find out how we can support each other.

For this to work, it's important to have a balanced group, balanced in terms of gender, ages, but also backgrounds. That's why we require everyone to apply first and we will approve people in multiple waves until we reach the quota (70 to 100 people max).

About Regens Unite

It started back in May 2022 at the Citizen Corner of Schaerbeek. The goal was to unite climate activists and people working in crypto. Hard to find two communities that are more polarized than those two! Yet, in each of them, there are beautiful people who want the same thing: a regenerative future for people, communities and the planet. We didn't limit the invitation to just those two communities. Research shows that to fight polarization, we also need to bring people in the room that are not as polarized. So we extended the invitation to everyone working on regenerative solutions (cooperatives, citizen initiatives, permaculture, healing, non violent communication, art, ...).

It created this beautiful mix of people coming from Brussels and across Europe, that got the chance to meet each other, learn new things, build new friendships and expand their horizon (photo album).

People loved it and decided to organise similar events in their own city. Berlin was first to follow in September (photo album, don't miss the after movie below!)

Quickly followed by Amsterdam (photo album) and Bogota (photo album). This overwhelming response shows how much people, all around the world, see the need to unite to build together regenerative alternatives.

Ticket prices

Tickets include breakfast and lunch (vegan and vegetarian options). In the spirit of making this gathering as inclusive as possible, it's possible to request financial support (for your ticket but also for travel and/or accommodation if needed).

Early bird (till April 1st):  €80 for the two days (€50 for a day)

Late bird (after April 1st): €120 for the two days (€70 for a day)

While you are very welcome to come just for one day, we very much encourage you to come for the full experience.

Discounted tickets are available for volunteers and workshop facilitators.

about the venue

The Citizen Corner is a community building for neighbours and locals to meet, share, learn and co-create.

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the facilitators

Leen Schelfhout
Co-founder @AllforClimate and @Regens Unite, facilitator @Open Facilitation DAO
Facilitator, rebel, firestarter, chameleon, mom, usually full of energy, love for life. Very worried about society and our planet.
Xavier Damman
Entrepreneur, Dad, Citizen. System Change, not Climate Change.
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Regens Unite is for everyone inspired and aligned to regenerate. After it's inception on May 2022 in Brussels, it turned into a community and DAO which now runs as a commons. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date on what this community is building.
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Regens Unite is for everyone inspired and aligned to regeneration. From the start, Regens Unite is both a community and a commons, formalised as a DAO. Every participant, whether organiser or attendee, is a member of this Commons. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date on what this community is building.
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